Sporting Facilities Construction and Management

Sporting Facilities Construction and Management

Lander Sports leverages its heritage in real estate to construct and manage sporting facilities. It has a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Architecture Design Group to cooperate in design and development, and is responsible for the construction and management of the Huanshan International Outdoor Sports Base. The Company develops intelligent sports venues, and has taken advantage of the 19th Asian Games, which will take place in 2022 in Hangzhou, to win a number of construction projects. It has already completed five stadiums and has another seven currently under construction. The Company will further build sports towns and develop sports tourism services. 

Six Types of Public Sports Venue

  • 01

    Public Fitness Centers

  • 02

    City Sports and Leisure Squares

  • 03

    City Sports and Leisure Stadiums

  • 04

    City Single Sport Venues

  • 05

    City Fitness Clubs

  • 06

    City Community Sports Convenience Stores

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